Trial Demonstratives

Animation Visuals for Trial
We have partnered with Amerra, Inc., to provide the legal industry with the most advanced animation visualization today. This is a proven and effective method for conveying complex information to multiple audiences using photo-realistic 3D medical animations, medical illustrations, and interactive medical software. Animation has proven successful as a demonstrative for accident reenactments, construction defect, workers compensation claims, scene reenactment, and forensics.

Educating and training through our team's outside-the-box thinking enables us to achieve communication tailored for particular audiences. We sit down with your team "one on one" and create a specific script in animation to illustrate your specific case. Although this process is a sophisticated approach in legal argument, it is also quite cost-effective. You will be able to successfully convey your points to sway jurors in your favor without over-inflating your budget.

Example: Retained Foreign Body Visualization
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