MCLE Certifications

Sound Deposition Services, Inc., is an approved provider of Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit to all members of the Bar. As an approved provider, we are able to offer MCLE credit to the attorneys and paralegals of your firm. Listed below are two different types of courses that offer special benefits to you. Attendees will receive one hour credit for attending one training class.

  • Legal Specialization and Trial Presentation Course
    As technology and software become more directed and focused toward the legal industry, Sound has designed this course to prepare you in the area of electronic scanning and synchronization for effective trial presentation. With the development of digitization, we are now able to synchronize audio, video and text documents in a format compatible with your software.
  • Interactive Realtime Court Reporting Course
    LiveNote software connects all users, from sole practitioners, to multi-national firms, to judges and clerks. LiveNote provides full functionality for realtime transcription, transcript management and evidence management including scanned exhibits and synchronized video. This begins from your spoken words and culminates in the transcript format. Sound will be explaining Realtime hookups, techniques and strategies.

Please contact us to arrange a suitable time to conduct the MCLE training session. We usually hold these sessions during your lunch hour so as to not significantly disrupt your work schedule.


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