Women's Business Enterprise Certification

August 27, 2010

Women's Business Network LogoSOUND DEPOSITION SERVICES, INC. receives Womenâ��s Business Enterprise (WBE®) Certification - In an effort to support our clientâ��s diversity requests, Sound Deposition Services, Inc., is now proudly part of the Womenâ��s Business Enterprise (WBE)®. This means that our business is majority-owned, operated and controlled by one or more females. We joined the WBE® in order to show how we value in the inclusion of all races and ethnicities in our corporate establishment.

The WBE® was created in 1997 in response for the need of a nationally-recognized standard for Womenâ��s Business Enterprises. This organization is endorsed by corporations and public agencies alike. As a matter of fact, if you supply directly or indirectly to government agencies and large corporations, you may have contractual quotas for utilizing WBEs® as vendors. By using our services, you are both fulfilling your litigation and business obligations. Please check with your litigation chair/diversity manager to see if you will benefit from citing our qualification as a WBE.®

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