"Sound Deposition shares our law firm's commitment to client service..."

Sound Deposition shares our law firm's commitment to client service. And Sound is at the cutting edge of using technology to reduce the cost of legal services and make it more efficient for us to have a national litigation practice. Two examples that come to mind are the provision of video depositions that are "synched" to the transcript and the "LiveDepo" feed from depositions. The synching allows us to quickly edit transcripts ourselves to display video clips on the spot at trial. And with the use of the "LiveDepo" feed, our client's in-house counsel, our expert witnesses, and other members of our trial team can "sit in" on depositions without ever having to leave the office.

Michael J. Lockerby
Chair, Washington, D.C. Litigation Department
Co-Chair, National Distribution & Franchise Practice

"We were working on a large patent litigation trial in Marshall, Texas..."

We were working on a large patent litigation trial in Marshall, Texas and in need of an enormous amount of temporary networking and office space, enough to accommodate 17-20 attorneys, support staff, experts, and other vendors. The available office space was not ready for a group of this size. The communications infrastructure and internet connections needed to be optimized and turned on for heavy use. In particular, we needed a network to share files amongst staff and vendors. Sound made sure we all had the needed access to work in harmony.
Sound rose to the task and delivered all of what we needed, going well beyond the call of duty. Sound arrived in Marshall before everyone and assured a fully functional law firm quality office thus not interrupting our flow. Sound was also the last to leave to assure that we complied with our lease and that the space was ready for the next tenant. Sound was invaluable to us during the trial and we would recommend them and use them again.

John Gutkoski

"Thanks to Sound Deposition Services, we were able to focus on the merits of the trial..."

Sound Deposition Services has been very helpful to us. We had a 2 1/2 month out of town and needed to set up trial work rooms. I called Sound Deposition Services and requested their help. Michel flew up from Los Angeles and immediately secured work rooms for us in a hotel near the court. She arranged for delivery and set up of rented copiers, printers, and shelving for over 100 boxes of case materials. She connected the copiers and printers to our laptops and made sure everything was running smoothly. We had immediate access to all case documents and were able to create trial exhibits quickly and onsite. This was immensely helpful. Michel even managed to secure extra lighting for us in the work rooms. Thanks to Sound Deposition Services, we were able to focus on the merits of the trial. They are professional, courteous and just a pleasure to work with!

John Belfiore
Litigation Paralegal
San Francisco, California

"You said you were going to give us your best, and you did..."

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful Spencer is. You said you were going to give us your best, and you did indeed. It has been the utmost pleasure to work with him. He has been professional, kind and courteous. He was on top of his game, and the way he handled the pressure and his performance at trial was beyond compare. You truly have one of the best working for you. I'm going to miss working with him!
Again, thank you for sending him to be a part of our team, and if I ever go to trial again, I will insist that he be part of it.

Stephenie Scott
Senior Litigation Paralegal
Orlando, Florida

"You just cannot teach that type of instinct..."

Patrick, I need to add to what Stephenie has said. Spencer was a tremendous asset both before and after the trial. He worked late into the night with us, without complaint, to make sure everything was perfect for the next day. He not only has a great work ethic, he truly has a feel for litigation. He and I were in synch at trial and you would have thought we had worked together for years (in fact, our client thought he worked for Foley). You just cannot teach that type of instinct. I can say this because I have not copied him here, but whatever you are paying him is not enough. You truly could not have better marketing than Spencer. Like Stephenie, I will strongly suggest to any client that Spencer be involved in my next trial. I have already recommended him to our litigators.

Michael Gay
Office Managing Partner
Orlando, Florida